Experience Driven Solutions for Real Estate Transactions

We offer a focused service that is driven by the client needs. By working together with our clients and listening to their requirements, understanding their needs and having an optimal understanding of the objectives of the insurance allows us to work with a a wide range of insurers and MGA's to find the ideal solution in any given situation. All transactions are different and  that is why we believe that individual client relationships and attention to detail lead to the best bespoke solutions.

Deal Management

There are a number of stages involved in the securing of insurance terms and the placement of an insurance policy. Our approach starts with a comprehensive understanding of the client objectives, fact-finding and information gathering. It is essential to the whole process that this initial step is given completed, by beginning on the correct pathway helps all parties have a clear roadmap of their own specific transaction and the steps to successful completion with minimum concerns and maximum satisfaction.


Insurers can consider offering insurance in respect of most Real Estate transactions. We offer full-scale advice for determining your best limit of liability, premium rate and timescale for obtaining insurance. The limit of liability under the policy will be agreed by the insurer and insured and will be driven by the transaction value. The premium will take into account such factors as the complexity of the transaction, the industry sector and geographical spread of the business as well as the quality of the transaction process and advisers involved. The timescale for obtaining W&I insurance will depend on the stage reached in the transaction.

W&I Insurance, Title Insurance and Title To Shares in Real Estate transactions

REassurance is a specialist insurance broker specialising in the placement of warranty & indemnity (W&I) insurance (representations & warranties (R&W) insurance) as well Title Insurance (TI) and Title to Shares (TTS). These types of insurance cover, amongst other things, damages resulting from breaches of warranties and indemnities given by the seller in a real estate transaction. Transaction liability insurance is now widely used in real estate transactions as well as strategic and private equity takeovers of all sorts of companies and operating entities. Title Insurance and Title to Shares cover are widely used within the Real Estate investment sector and can provide surety against known or unknown risks and defects which can affect ownership or rights of use to a property. We work with the leading insurers in these sectors.

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